Bola consulting

What can we do for you?

We optimize your cash flow and can even help you with the necessary systems


Operational assistance

We solve existing problems and establish solid procedures.


Bola Consulting provides a full pack of services and can assist you in the total order to cash process as well as in each separate module inhouse or on location. Parttime and full time projects are possible.

Analysis & Consultancy

  1. Credit management scan

With the credit management scan bottlenecks and weak points what your credit management process is concerned, can be indicated in a quick and objective way. The scan contains advice, findings and recommendations with which you can obtain result in a few working days and this can be all done for a reasonable price.


  1. Reporting

Is your credit management department in need of a results analysis within your team in order to work towards a certain objective? We can recommend you a few Key Performance indicators in which u and your department become more visible within the organization.
Do you need a good forecast to see what money is still expected , also here we can be of help.
Does your organization have several business units and do you no longer see the wood for the trees because of different customers being active in different units, please contact us.


  1. Consultancy and optimization of processes

Has your organisation decided to migrate to a new ERP package and do you need a project manager who can document your processes within credit management in order to smoothly migrate to a new system ?
Has your organisation decided to migrate a number of credit management activities to a Shared Service environment and do you need assistance in that ?
Is the credit management organisation decrepit and poorly motivated what people is concerned where your personnel is starting to look for other opportunities outside ?
Do your orders block or deblock without any reason and is a full assesment of your risk management, credit limits and risk categories needed ?
Is your credit manager absent because of ilness, pregnancy or burnout ?



Do you as a small and middle sized business not want to spend time in administration, coping with reminders, follow up of customers and should you wish to outsource these processes . We can take care of all this , in-house or on our own premises using our own systems for a reasonable price.
Would you like to outsource a portfolio with old debt so your employees can concentrate on recent business?
Is your company rapidly growing in which your administration cannot follow?
Are you interested to hear what we can do for you please contact us !


We can offer you trainings in-house or on location for a very reasonable price. A good and regular updating of skills of the employees within a credit management department in order to remain informed of the trends within the world of credit management will make you to become a more professional organization in which your employees are satisfied with their work .
A number of examples in which we can help you in training of your employees:


  • Credit management for beginners.
  • Chasing money? Yes but also keep my customers.
  • How do i read and analyze in a proper way my customer balance ?
  • What is the importance of correct masterdata for my organization ?
  • How do i organice best my reminder strategies ?

Are you interested to hear what we can do for you?

Please contact us!


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